On our website you will find ideal for vegans, not tested on animals, biodegradable cosmetic accessories: bamboo cosmetic brushes sets, bamboo toothbrushes for children and adults, cotton shopping bags, and kitchen utensils.

Bamboo, which is a natural raw material, is the fastest growing plant in the world (with a speed of up to 1 m in a day). Bamboo is also characterized by high strength (compressive strength is higher than wood, or even bricks or concrete), when it comes to flexibility, it is very resistant to stretching, boldly able to compete with steel. Bamboo from which toothbrushes are made is called Moso Bamboo which does not feed on pandas (bamboo is obtained from private breeding). Bamboo contains naturally occurring antibacterial agents, there is no need for fertilizers and pesticides in its cultivation. Bamboo can also emit beneficial negative ions, which fight the bacteria in the mouth.

The brush handle Zero Waste is made of bamboo. Brush bristles are made of a mixture of bamboo fiber and Nylon 4, which is biodegradable. BPA FREE bristles, which means that it is free of Bisphenol A, which has a negative effect on health, it contains bristles of some plastic brushes. All combined in a fashionable and stylish look will make your toothbrush go unnoticed.

Zero Waste scissors as an environmentally friendly product are also ecologically packed, maintaining the highest hygiene standards. Zero Waste brushes are packed in transparent biodegradable packaging made of vegetable fiber. corn starch, the toothbrush is protected in a cardboard package that decomposes in the soil.

Zero Waste scissors can be used for as long as an ordinary plastic toothbrush when used properly. It is recommended to change the brush every 3-4 months for a new one for hygienic reasons.

We recommend storing the brush in a dry place, because bamboo as a natural raw material, behaves best when stored in a dry place. Cups that contain water are not an ideal place. It is best to hold the brush in a dry or exposed place, or using the special Zero Waste racks available on our website, which perfectly match the brushes for hygienic and aesthetic reasons (they will add style to your bathroom).